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Brielle Bombshell

This Brielle Beauty has a "Hers & Hers" closet for one fabulous homeowner who took over both the walk in closets, making one her dressing closet and one her accessories closet (my favorite)! 

Retro Surprise for 50!

This event was organized and executed by On Track & Organized. My clients husbands 50th Surprise party was a radical night at Belmars Retro Arcade on Main Street. With guest arriving in waves they were able to go back in time and enjoy all the arcade games from their childhood. When the guest of honor arrived he had no idea 50 of his biggest fans were waiting to greet him. 

Pre-Birthday Playroom Prep

Playroom dreams are made of. This before and after is the daily struggle for most playrooms (and those who maintain them regularly). I was able to bring this back to life in just four hours in preparation for a birthday and the hopes of new toys arriving soon. 

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